bonus baseball!

A game of inches.
A game of feels.

PokéGiants! Gotta catch ‘em all!: The Giants have a lot of wild animals on their roster. Here’s some of them as Pokémon.

Brandon Crawford: Corphish. Crawdaunt is more fitting, but Corphish looks cooler in a Giants cap. 8)

Pablo “Kung Fu Panda” Sandoval: Spinda. More of a panda/bunny hybrid than a panda, but more panda-ish than other bears such as Teddiursa.

Gregor “White Shark” Blanco: Sharpedo. Unfortunately, there aren’t any friendly!shark Pokémon, at least not that I know of. We’ll just have to settle for this shark/Speedo hybrid for Blanco. Oh, torpedo! That makes more sense.

Hunter Pence: Scizor. My first thought was Scyther because Pence has got that mantis-y thing going for him, but Scizor is even better since he has claws, so he doesn’t even need to wear a glove to catch the ball in right field.

Brandon “Baby Giraffe” Belt: Girafarig. Yup. Also, in case you’re wondering why Girafarig has two heads, here’s some info from Bulbapedia:

The most unusual feature is its tail end, which possesses a head of its own. However, this head is incapable of independent thinking but relies on outside stimuli such as smell to guide its actions. The tail often mimics the head during feeding and is able to warn the Pokémon of danger if it is sleeping.

So, basically, while it does have its limitations, Brandon Belt’s butt is way more advanced than any other butt in the entire world, and this helps him be good at baseball.

Madison Bumgarner: Cubchoo. Because snot rockets.

Buster Posey: Braviary. Because America.

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