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Vote Mike Into The 2013 MLB Fan Cave (Because He’s Awesome, That’s Why)

If you’ve ever read one of Mike’s posts over at Old Time Family Baseball and/or around the rest of the Baseball Internet, you know that he’s one talented, knowledgeable, and hilarious dude. He’s also incredibly generous, having recently raised over $3,600 for Doctors Without Borders through his amazing blogathon!

Right now, Mike is one of 52 finalists vying for a chance to spend the 2013 season in the MLB Fan Cave. I honestly don’t think the Fan Cave would be complete without his love of stirrups and puns, so please, if you’d also like to see Mike in the Fan Cave this season, go cast your vote for him before February 13th.

Still not convinced? Check out this post from the man himself and the endorsements by these wonderful folks. Also, just look at how eager he is to get into the game! The Fan Cave needs gritty, determined troopers like him. 8)